Feb 19-26, 2021

Galleries V1 and V2
Experimental Studio (Room G203)

Väre Building
Aalto University
Otaniementie 14
Espoo, Finland

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the exhibition is open only to students and staff of Aalto during the opening hours of the building.

Cross Waves is a sea state that occurs when two or more nonparallel wave systems meet. The waves generated by this phenomenon are dangerous to swimmers, boats, and ships caught between the crossing waves.

Cross Waves is also the name of the Spring exhibition of Aalto Media Lab students. It is an exhibition that presents interactive artworks that have been created in the meeting point of art and technology.

Ristiaallokko | Cross Waves exhibition is the outcome of the Interactive Art course at the Aalto Media Lab at Aalto University. The aim of the course is to explore the notion of interaction within the context of new media art.


Interactive Layers LIVE


Music and sound have been essential tools for me to communicate and reflect ideas, thoughts and feelings that are sometimes difficult to put into words. During the first year in Media Lab I was attracted by all the possibilities to try and learn and I slowly started to take the visual and multimedia tools alongside my music to expand the possibilities to interact and communicate. The second year I focused mainly on anything else but sound studies and slowly started to shape the idea of developing a multimedia live set. This audiovisual moment is a collage of skills, ideas and experiments from the past COVID year in Aalto. It is also a learning diary and an initial try-out for my master thesis. But for the most part it is pure flow, self expression, reflecting the world in 2021 and sending positive vibes back to all the co-students and teachers in Aalto.

The performance will be streamed via Twitch.