Feb 19-26, 2021

Galleries V1 and V2
Experimental Studio (Room G203)

Väre Building
Aalto University
Otaniementie 14
Espoo, Finland

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the exhibition is open only to students and staff of Aalto during the opening hours of the building.

Cross Waves is a sea state that occurs when two or more nonparallel wave systems meet. The waves generated by this phenomenon are dangerous to swimmers, boats, and ships caught between the crossing waves.

Cross Waves is also the name of the Spring exhibition of Aalto Media Lab students. It is an exhibition that presents interactive artworks that have been created in the meeting point of art and technology.

Ristiaallokko | Cross Waves exhibition is the outcome of the Interactive Art course at the Aalto Media Lab at Aalto University. The aim of the course is to explore the notion of interaction within the context of new media art.




Is it our memories that make us who we are?

Teeth is a work about time. The time, which goes on and makes memories. Eventually it is that same time that will make everything fade away. Faded memories become disconnected fragments instead of being something whole and familiar. They are pieces of an identity puzzle and little by little putting them together becomes harder and harder. Until finally the time is up.

Teeth is a video installation in the form of an extraction of a living room of somebody's grandparents. An old TV and a sofa chair, a fragment of a memory. There are four channels on the TV and one identity spread somewhere across them.